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Who Keeps Taking My...
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Who Keeps Taking My Picks???

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I bought a dozen picks from The Cavern iin Liverpool earlier this year - funny, for someone who hardly ever uses one, they've soon disappeared....and at a couple of quid each (you're paying for the name!) they're expensive....

They only make them in one size - heavy - funny, you'd think they'd have a choice....

:D :D :D


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We had this same discussion last year at about the same time of year...does that mean that November should be the Pick losing month?

check it out:

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The good news is that now gives out free bags of their promotional picks when you buy a bunch of strings. They just sent me a dozen or so free picks that I can now go and lose. Kinda makes you wonder where they get them ...

And James, I am honored to be in your sig! :lol:

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