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Who's your favorite guitar player/artist

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I happen to LOVE Tom Petty. I seen him twice in concert and my favorite album of his is Wildflowers, but all of his stuff is awesome..I love to listen to him and watch him play guitar, he seems to have been born with a guitar in his hand. I would want my first "real" song to learn to be one of his (probably "wildflowers"). Anyone else share my love for his music? Who do you like and why?

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I use Free Falling with teenage/ adult students.


Top of my list is Alex Lifeson, from Rush; an extremely versatile player. He makes his guitar sing rather than just playing gazillions of notes every second like some of the newer people on the block

Brian May - hasn't done anything new for ages, but the live version of Brighton Rock is still way ahead of just about anything else on the planet.

Slash - just an excellent bluesman, really

John Frusciante - I think his work with RHCP was excellent. Loads of stuff off the Stadium Arcadium double album really does it for me.

And finally - Mikko Lindstrom, from Finnish rockers HIM gets the job done. Check out some of the solos on Venus Doom. Again, he's not a shredder.

With my Classical hat on, there's actually less difference between the end results. David Russell is really superb, he won a Grammy for the album Aire Latino, which is all South American solo guitar music and well worth a listen.

A :-)

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I'm a big TP fan. I've seen him live three times, most recently this last summer -- we made it a family event with dad, mom, and two teenage boys. When I play one of his songs at a gig, I can expect that it will get a good response, as his appeal seems to cross the generations.

As for his guitar playing, it works for me, because I can handle it adequately (notice I didn't say expertly). The real guitar player in his band, Mike Campbell, is one I admire greatly for his tasteful playing. I'm not much into playing lead (still trying to work my way into it, though), but I love the way Mike can contribute beauty or power into the song, depending on what it needs.

As a player, I'm mostly into acoustic rock/folk/country. Springsteen, Dylan, Seger, Mellencamp, BoDeans, Steve Earle, John Hiatt, Warren Zevon, John Prine, Guy Clark, Townes Van Zandt, and Gordon Lightfoot are among my favorites.

I admire Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimmy Page, Mark Knopfler, etc., but they are way out of my league.

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jack white....his music is so raw and stripped down, its like punk rock and the blues in a blender. you hear the pure rock out zeppelin-esque parts of his music h, but than he shows you his technical bluesman like soloing over it....i dunno its just amazing. it really moves you live since every band he plays in is very improvisational. he always amazes you every time you see him....

covering death letter by son house like you have never heard. i love that distortion tone hes playing through a 1950s kay archtop.

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Acoustic: Charo. (sorry Ana Vidovic fans) She's got the technique, and brings a fire and passion to her performance that adds a definite "WOW!" Ana shreds, but her performances seem a bit cold.

Electric: Roy Howell. Yeah, I know - nobody knows who he is. But they should.

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My favorite guitar player all-time-all-genres is Frank Zappa. His aural sculptures was - sometimes - brilliantly amazing! He was a giant "risk-taker" in his (frequent and sometimes very long) solos - so, that means not all of them are "great" all the time, but they´re almost always at least fascinating :D

I´ve never heard anyone - past or present - even remotely remind me of Zappas guitar soloing-style. He was an excellent rhythm guitarist as well, allthough it´s his soloing that really stands out. Stylewise, I don´t really know how to categorize him... you try! :wink:

I hope that every guitarist at least takes the time to form his own opinion about Franks guitar playing - as I believe they´re really missing out on something if they don´t.

For an introduction to the wonderful world of Frank Zappa, in terms of guitar playing, check out one of these albums:
Zoot Allures
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Them or Us


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I guess if I had to pick someone alive........I'd have to pick Tommy Emmanuel or Tony Rice.
I don't play like that but I can definitely appreciate Tommy...he's unbelievable....standard tuning as well.

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All time, I suppose SRV, others include Mick Taylor, Mark Knopfler, David Gilmour, and Clapton.

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This is not an all time list- it's just my in the moment gut reaction to the question. (Ask again tomorrow, maybe I'll say something else.)

Johnny Winter coming in second, right behind Buddy Guy.


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Mine are:

1. Billie Joe Armstrong - Green Day
2. Billy Gibbons - ZZ Top
3. Jerry Reed
4. Chet Atkins
5. Brian Setzer - The Stray Cats

And many more...because I love guitar! :D

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Many of my favorites have already been listed. I'll add Dave Mathews and Tim Renyolds, especially when they are doing their duet concerts. They give me goals to aspire to each time I hear them.

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How can I have a favorite guitarist? Would it be (in no particular order) Jim Hall, Jimi Hendrix, Terry Kath, Carlos Santana, Kenny Burrell, Joe Pass, Joe Walsh, Pepe Romero, Brian May, Charo, Billy Gibbons, Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton, Brad Paisley, Luis Bonfa, Bonnie Raitt, Muddy Waters, Buddy Guy, Steve Howe, Rick Derringer, Skunk Baxter, Johnny Winters, Leslie West, Freddie King, Albert King, Alvin Lee, Joe Bonamassa, Charlie Christian, Duane Allman, Eric Gale, Dave Gilmour, Martin Barre, Emily Remler, Robert Fripp, Peter Green, Orianthi, Denny Laine, Steve Lukather, Tony Iommi, Lonnie Mack, Les Paul, Scotty Moore, Johnny "guitar" Watson, Django, G.E.Smith, Steve Cropper, Eddie Van Halen, Carl Wilson, and dozens and dozens and dozens of otherswho have each tickled my ears in their own special way?????????

For me having a favorite guitar player is like having a favorite food, a favorite color, a favorite instrument, a favorite type of music, a favorite song, a favorite movie and so on. As soon as I think of a favorite, something else jumps in first place, and then another replaces that on - ad infinitum.

In all seriousness, I would say my favorite guitar player is myself. Not because I am that good, but because I get more joy out of playing than I do listening.


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There are alot of good guitarists but my favorite is probably Joe Satriani. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion :D

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It's a horses-for-courses question. Hank B. Marvin probably shouldn't try to play acoustic Delta blues. And I suspect we all have some "blind spots" in terms of musical styles. I don't have a favorite metal player, because metal just isn't my bag.

To me, "favorite" means, "Who could I listen to all day long?" For me, that's Ry Cooder. He covers so much ground, and he does it all brilliantly.

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No favorites here either. There are alot of guitar players I like and for that matter bands too, but I can't say there are any that I like all their material or that I could listen to all day.

I guess I like is the spice of life.

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