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Who's your favorite guitar player/artist

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A very-welled schooled guitar-playing friend of mine loves Joe Satriani, and after seeing him live, he is pretty awesome.

I still love Brad Paisley though; watching him pick his way, both slowly with feeling and emotion, and blazingly fast with high energy, through country (and blues and rock, on his Play album), he is the kind of musician and guitarist I'd love to become. I'm not holding my breath though!

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Kurt Cobain, Slash, Joe Perry

I bet you can guess my favorite Aerosmith album with just the above list as reference. Watson could...

Ness K
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Alex Lifeson from Rush definitely. Also Pete Townshend because I can't look cool windmilling to save a life. Though he's underrated as a guitar player, Bob Dylan is on the list because he can make so many excellent songs with chords we all know but in a way we can never emulate. Jack White because he can play the blues and rock and punk and get away with it all. Hendrix because...well dammit he's Hendrix. You already know why. Thurston Moore because he can make noise rock into something more beautiful than playing straight notes all the time. Neil Young because he's an amazing guitarist but he doesn't let it get in the way of a good song(Oh and also because Cortez The Killer can make you cry if you play it at just the right time)

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My favorite is Carlos Santana then John Mayer. Love em both! :D

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