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Why did your band b...
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Why did your band breakup?

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It's hard to keep a band together. Most bands end for some reason or another. What caused your band to breakup?

Maybe we can form a list of reasons. Here's my first 2...

1. The lead singer was a jerk.

2. Not everyone was at the same musical level.

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Not sure I can list all the reasons there were so many for awhile I lost track.

1) Someone changes job and is not around 3 weeks/month

2) Singer can't sing the songs the band wants to play.

3) I do agree about the different levels of skill. I am maybe the least skilled player in the band (maybe that's not the correct term but I have definitely have been playing the shortest amount of time) and I find music is exactly like every other sport/endeavour, most people do NOT want to be playing with the newbie. Maybe for fun they will but not when it's serious or you are trying to get a band going. With that said I haven't come across any song that we have played that I couldn't so I know I'm not holding anyone back.

It's very convoluted situation and there is alot more that can go wrong with a band. It's like a relationship but X (number of players in the band) and the combinations of things that can go wrong multiply with the number of people.

I mentioned in your other thread that I am now in two bands because of the things I mentioned above and if I had the energy I'd take control cuz I don't see either of these two going anywhere anytime soon. But I'm not that motivated to do that. If one of the bands works out great if not I have people I can play with as a hobby if I want to.

I have a job so I would never be in it for the money. ( Today at least I have a job)

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All the same band at the roughly the same time...

1. Guitarist moved to Seattle
2. Drummer needed to take a break from music for personal reasons (he was in 2 different bands)
3. I was feeling limited by style of music we were doing and had started jamming with a cover band
4. Singer wanted to continue, so me and drummer said we would take the summer off and see if we felt like starting a search for a guitarist then.

We didn't. I'll be letting the domain name lapse in March when it comes due.

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One word , "drummers . "

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