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Would a portable, s...
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Would a portable, screwless wall mount interest you?

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So I've been sitting next to a great idea for years and only recently recognized it might have a broader appeal. Prototype is made, manufacturing sorted, provisional patent being written up and I'm almost good to go. And the weird part is, NO current guitar wall hanger company offers an alternative.

So I come to you gauging interest now.

Specifically, for those who can't wall mount their guitars the traditional way (impenetrable concrete walls like I suffered with when I lived in Honolulu, dorm room rules that don't allow drilling or maybe you just plain want to avoid the DIY hassle and drywall damage) I've developed a way to vertically mount/display your guitar that also travels with you — so you can hang your guitar anywhere, including rehearsal studios, hotel rooms, even in transit inside vans and SUVs. Hell, you don't even need a wall. Use a floor standing mirror or side of bookshelf and you've got what you need. And it's pocketable, so it will fit in your case or gig bag when you travel.

So my question to you: Do you think there's a market for this? Or should I assume most people are ok with standard wall mounts as the defacto solution?
Is this something you would encourage me to manufacture and sell direct myself (both of which I do have plenty of experience in), or take to an existing company like String Swing or Proline or Hercules Stands for licensing?

Can't share a pic yet until the provisional is squared away...

(How I actually came up with this was because in my house growing up, my father never let me hang things heavier than posters with scotch tape. He was too stubborn about avoiding drywall holes...)

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Its a great idea!!!

Can't wait to see it!

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My answer may not be what you want to hear, but I'm probably not alone. Then again, I'm pretty anal about removing risk from equations where I can. I don't intend to sound mean, but to hopefully give you some possibly valuable insight into my thoughts on this as you go through your decision making process.

And of course, this answer is without knowing what and how your device works, and I do not expect you to divulge it here.

I would not dream of setting a guitar on a wall unless the device was absolutely secured and not even an Earthquake would shake it down. The only reason it could come down is if the wall came down. High dollar, low dollar, it don't matter. I probably would not even glance at a screw-less option. period.

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Hmm I'm not as cautious as Roy but I've never useda wall mount or had any desire to but depending on the design and how truly portable it was I have had situations where it might come in handy.

We played some shows in clubs that had limited space on stage and there wasn't much room to have my guitar stand there but there were some flat walls that would have allowed me to hang them. It might have worked.

As for marketing, production I don't know, I wouldn't imagine there's a huge market for it but I really don't know. I'd try to keep as much as I could in house.

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Sorry, I'm cautious as well. I wouldn't feel comfortable in hanging my guitars on something that wasn't firmly fixed to the wall.

If you do go ahead, I how it works out well for you though.

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I would buy it must definitively and so would a lot of people. If it's just as safe as the ones you drill holes for.

The thing is the ones I have now don't feel 100 % safe because the walls are of some weird material where if you try to drill a hole it only gets bigger and not deeper. So I've solved this with some special glue and glued the screws in. So it's been a lot of hassle hanging the guitars and I'm still not comfortable with the solution. I would try your solution right away if I could.

No one wants to put holes in their wall do they? I think you have a bigger market than only guitars. I mean, people hang a lot of things on their walls. If it's you own product and you want it to succeed think of more applications than the small market of guitar hangers. I don't know your design so maybe it doesn't work like that but it's something to think of.

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