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WOW...I'm seriously...
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WOW...I'm seriously up for buying this...tell me NO!!!

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Nick Torres
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Om No

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yeah.....but with AIRCRAFT ALUMINIUM STRUTS!!!!

Best get my pilot licence first lol :lol:

I just love the radical looks 21st century

it looks fresh

religious symbals aside...I like it

nuff said 8)

what did the drummer get on his I.Q. test?....


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I think that they should NOT use Hindu spiritual symbols on such a thing as a guitar trussrod cover. So, its not a cool design, its just a stupid thought on part of someone, who does not know the significance of this sacred symbol.

I just wonder why people misuse Hindu ideas when they don't have even an iota of knowledge about what they are doing. There are a thousand many other ways to make a guitar look cool.

Until you ask the designer, I don't think you can rule out that they may know exactly what the symbols mean, and included them for some personal, faith-based reason. Christian symbols often are found on profane items such as guitars to proclaim a person's beliefs. While not a thing I personally care to see, I do understand the motivation.

Without any intention of starting a heated argument, I ask in curiousity: Does Hindu expressly forbid such use of its symbols on non-religious items? Or is knowledgeable use acceptable?

Well, I wasn't specifically targetting this particular design. There are Indian people who use such symbols in most idiotic ways ever invented (who are mostly interested in making money out of them).

The whole point of making that post was this - There are seriously 'n' no. of ways to make an instrument look cool, so why a sacred hindu symbol (or for that matter any religious symbol) on it. Lets respect faith for what it is meant to be.

No intentions on my side at all to start an argument over this thing. Was just wondering what made that guy make an 'Om' on the truss rod cover. To me it actually looks pretty weird on the guitar.

Hindu religion as such is very tolerant and I think it would allow use of its symbols if the user really knew the true meaning of it. Actually I guess it won't matter much. It was more of a my own personal belief about religious symbols and I would certainly protest against any religious symbol being misused, not just a Hindu one.

Fever and Hum
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ditto 8)

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Man, that looks like something out of 'Star Trek" :!: I would get one if I had more money than sense, But I'm generally short on both :lol:

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I would get one if I had more money than sense, But I'm generally short on both :lol:

You don't buy something like that with your mind, its too strange. Just go with your gut feeling, then even if everyone thinks its a waste of money at least you'll be happy.


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I'm fairly convinced that the symbol is extremely relevant, considering the Aum symbol refers to the creation-sustaining-destroying of the Hindu Holy Trinity. The thing is meant to represent the Sound of Creation. I bet the designer knew exactly why he was putting the symbol on there.

My own personal beliefs are that sound creates form, so it is both a spiritual symbol and a cool talking point, so why not put it on your creational instrument?

I say uber-cool :)

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