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Writing a rock song...
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Writing a rock song...on acoustic?

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8) love this thread and agree that creating a song with an acoustic is proper.
I play acoustic about 90% of time when figuring out a song or creating a new one. if I want, I can turn the pedal
effect on in my head. I think everyone can hear the drum, bass and other stuff when playing any song. I certainly hear the vocals. so go ahead and use your acoustic.
one perk is that some things will be easier to execute on an electric guitar neck. more importantly. when you finally go electric you will have already the fundamentals of the string playing under your control. so now you play with the firepower of electric properly(not hiding behind the noise).
it is true many huge rock songs were played on acoustic first. I swear AC DC's 'You Shook Me All Night Long' began that way.
I've tried it and it is a riot to play on acoustic.
there was a rush a while back for rockers to release 'unplugged' albums.
I have a ukulele. it has four strings. you could not imagine how many songs can be played (and written) on a uke.
the Beatle's songs are many. AC DC is harder.

so go for it. use your acoustic and the pedal board in your head.

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I write 99% off my acoustic. I save the "paid work" for my electric. But I've noticed that although the chord runs, which are the basis of the composition, come from the acoustic...pretty much all the overt melodies come off the electric. The melodies always seem to jump out of the chordings.

But thinking it over...the action off my acoustic is BETTER than MOST electrics...absolutely anywhere you want over the fretboard. (It's one of them thar "fact'ry freaks".) So maybe this makes it easier??? I can't say because it's just how things have been for too long to remember otherwise!

So I guess yer kinda chasin' yer tail with this one!

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