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Your favourite covers!

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I cant believe I forgot this...

Can you call it a cover when the performer OWNS it???

Johnny Cash Hurt.

Paul B

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mercedez benz, a capella, in the shower. i try to do a lot of voices. that's the only women i can get close to, and the only song. it used to be pretty spot on but it's rough.
as for guitar, a lot of dylan, some elliott, some farrar, a few others. i haven't done many covers lately.

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My favorite cover of the hour is Bang Bang by The Raconteurs. It's an old I think 60's song done by Cher and Nancy Sinatra but their version rocks.

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Urge Overkill - "You'll be a Woman Soon" (turned on to it watching Pulp Fiction)
Neil Young - "All Along the Watch Tower" (nothing against Hendrix's or Dylan's efforts)
Shiney Toy Guns - "Major Tom" - (An 80's New Wave sequel-cover of the Space Oddity character by David Bowie)
Roxy Music - "Jealous Guy" (the John Lennon classic)
Bruce Springsteen & E Street Band - "London Calling" (no, not better than the Clash - get real)
Letters to Cleo - "I Want You to Want Me" (Cheap Trick)
Rolling Stones - "Love in Vain" the redone cover of a cover on Stripped with Ronnie on lap steel. (Robert Johnson original?)
Boz Skaggs - "Somebody Loan Me a Dime" - No idea who the original was.
R.L. Burnside - "Rolling and Tumbling Blues" - Um, I'm forgetting who it was..Howling Wolf?

Not in order, but I did only pick one 'Stones effort, so that's gotta be worth something. :D

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