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Zager Guitars

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A friend of mine showed me this site

This guy apparently takes the basic martin guitars "templates" from the shop that produces them and customizes them for easier play. They also run about 50% less than a Martin. Has anyone bought or tried these guitars and have an opinion on them? I was contemplating getting a Martin or Taylor but if this turns out to play about the same I may go this route.

If someone already posted a review about this guitar can you send the link, since there is no search functionality at the moment. Thanks


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Never played a Zager Guitar, but have read several post about them on different sites. From what I understand it's basically Zager taking Not a "Martin" but a "Sigma Martin" guitar and doing a set up that from what I understand could be done by any most competent Luthiers. Im not saying that his work isn't good, I've never played one but there is nothing magical or really unique about the guitars he sells. I've never played one again this is just what I've read, you might do a search on the Unoffical Martin site, I bet you can find some info there.

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Looks to me that they are one of two things. Some are Sigma's which he sets up. The others are made at the Sigma plant for him and then he sets them up. Sigma is Martins off brand if I'm not mistaken. I would have to take issue with his statement that Martins have a "playability problem". Sigma's might have a playability problem. I've never heard anyone that has owned a Martin say it had this problem. As has been mentioned any good Luthier can set up a guitar the way he is. Before I bought one of his I'd find out how much one of the Sigma's cost before he works on them. The work he's talking about would cost about $50 where I live. To me there is some very creative marketing going on at his website.

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