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Blues Bass (Ed Friedland)

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I bought the book "Blues Bass" by Ed Friedland some weeks ago. First, it is not a theory book or book for learning bass. It is a good complement to general bass books.

It has two parts. The first one includes lots of blues patterns for bass and each pattern is associated with a song or style that shares the similar patterns (for example, "boogie"). Also it gives some ideas on turnarounds, intros, ends, stops, etc. I never saw it before. Very interesting idea.

The second part covers real blues songs, exactly 10 songs (there are more real songs in the first part, too). The index is available in Amazon and Hal Leonard, so I don't repeat here the whole list. As example: Hideway, Pride and Joy, The Thrill Is Gone, Sweet Home Chicago, All Your Love...

I'd like recommend it for blues fans that play bass. IMHO its is a very good book. There are many useful ideas in the book that can be added to your playing. The author also offers very interesting comments in each lesson. Ed Friedland has more than 10 instruction books on bass and also writes in several magazines. He is teacher and player and also has several YouTube videos with reviews, lessons, clinics, and more.

Edit: I forgot it. As the exercises and patterns as the songs are in standard notation and tablature.