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Sorry, this is a long one...

I just spent 4 days in the hot sun, cool rain, dust and mud, sleeping in a tent, eating out of a can or from an overpriced vendor all in the name of music. My 16 year old and I went to Manchester, TN from Thursday til Sunday night to attend Bonnaroo. We heard a lot of great music and some so-so music. Here's a rundown of the shows we attended.

Grupo Fantasma - 11 piece Latin band. Think Santana, but with a drummer as Carlos and no Gregg Rolie.
The Sword - a heavy metal band from Austin, TX. They were LOUD. We were pretty close to the stage and in a direct line in front of the PA speakers. I could feel my skin vibrating during their show. Good music, unfortunately I couldn't understand any of the lyrics (not singer's fault, he was just too low in the mix).
Lez Zeppelin - Yes, that's a "z", not a "d". All female Led Zep cover band. They did a pretty good job, although the guitarist's partial re-enactment of Page's "Dazed and Confused" solo got a little boring. It was cool in the 70's, not so much now. They did get bonus points for playing "The Ocean" which is my favorite Zep song.

Drive-By Truckers - IMHO, one of the coolest bands around. Great southern rock, great lyric writing. Patterson Hood's singing gets a little tiring, but Mike Cooley signs some songs and that provides a break.
The Raconteurs - I don't even know how to say how awesome this show was without using cuss words. They blew the roof off the joint, even though there wasn't a roof. Jack White is too talented for one human. But the rest of the band ain't just a backup band for him. They are all very talented musicians and Brenden Benson has a great voice and is a pretty darn good guitarist himself.
Chris Rock - not a musician, but one of the funniest comedians working right now. He was hilarious. He was introduced by Lars Ulrich and Kirk Hammett of Metallica (who was playing next).
Metallica - Chris Rock returned the favor and introduced them as "the greatest f**g rock band in the world". They opened with "Creeping Death" and didn't let up for 2.5 hours. They did put on a great show, but Hetfield's interaction with the audience felt scripted. They also played "...And Justice For All" which is my favorite song off that album and supposedly they never play live.
Superjam w/ Jack White, Les Claypool, Eddie Vedder and some other dudes - they played a few gypsy songs and as much as I wanted to stay, I had to bail. It was raining and we were under the tent, but everyone behind us kept crowding in and I'm not good in crowds. Plus it was almost 3 in the morning. I heard later that Kirk Hammett joined them as well.

Two Gallants - 2 dudes, 1 on guitar/vocals and 1 on drums. They were really good. No, they didn't sound like the White Stripes. Their songs were more straight-forward rock songs with really good guitar licks and lyrics.
Against Me! - a political punk band that put on a great, high energy show.
Zappa Plays Zappa - Dweezil Zappa with a band (including some original Zappa members) playing Frank's music. Wow! I've never really listened to Zappa, but I will be now. They played some great stuff.
Jack Johnson - I'd only heard his radio stuff, which seemed a little too laid back and "strummy" for me. But he played some good stuff live. He brought out Eddie Vedder for one song, which leads to....
Pearl Jam - now, this is the greatest f**g rock band in the world! They OWNED the stage. 3 hours, all of it full of awesomeness. Ed was in great form, really digging the vibe of the place. Being in the middle of 80,000 people singing "Better Man" is something that I can't even describe. They closed with a cover of "All Along the Watchtower" that was just smokin' hot.

Harrybu McCage - this was their first ever gig, it's a jazz trio consisting of organ, bass and drums. Drums happen to be played by Matt Cameron from Soundgarden and Pearl Jam. It was a great show and it was super-cool watching Matt drum from about 20 feet away.
Robert Randolph - I only heard part of his set, but it sounded really good. They jammed a 10 minute version of "Ain't Nothin' Wrong With That."
Yonder Mountain String Band - we sat in the shade for a bit and listened to this bluegrass band. They sounded pretty cool.
O.A.R. - I listened to a couple of songs, they sounded good, I've just never been a fan.
Robert Plant and Allison Krauss w/ T Bone Burnett - superb show, very laid back and cool. They did some bluegrass, some blues, some rockin' stuff. They did a almost unrecognizable version of "Black Dog." Highlight was "Battle of Evermore", it sent chills down my spine.
Widespread Panic - I only caught the first 4 songs, but they were on fire. I was just ready to get home because I didn't think I could take another night of sleeping on the ground.

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wow, sounds like you had a great time.


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Finally got around to posting my pictures from Bonnaroo.

If you are interested, here they are

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