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Bullet jack tightener

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I saw an ad for this in a magazine - it's a plastic device that's supposed to hold the output jack in place and tighten the nut. I ordered one, and it seemed to work fine. In the first couple of weeks I used it a half dozen times to tighten nuts on student guitars.

Then last Thursday I tightened a loose jack nut on one of my guitars. It seemed to get tighter... then it suddenly spun.

Because the thing is made of cheap plastic, it wears quickly. Once it's worn, it won't grip the inside of the jack. And once it won't grip the jack...

Well, the sudden spinning was the jack breaking free of both wires. And the guitar in question is a 335 - an F hole guitar. To resolder the jack means taking out all of the controls through the F hole and futzing them back into place after the soldering is done. The whole job of fixing it took me almost 3-1/2 hours.

So my review: it's a neat idea that isn't engineered to last. Save your money.

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Thank you for the review. I have seen in a magazine, too, and I'm guessing how it worked.

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Thanks for the review. Ive looked into getting one, but havent yet. I didnt know it was plastic.

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