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Chris Letchford Technique book (Scale the Summit)

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Has anyone had a chance to use Chris Letchford's (Scale the Summit) guitar technique book??? I've heard a lot about it and wanted to see if any guitar players here could shed some light.

I just picked up their lastest album "The Migration" (I know this isn't the review section but) and it's absolutely amazing and now I'm hyped to get into some of Chris' technique books. Anyone else get a chance to listen to this awesomeness??


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Listened to a bit of Scale the Summit - pretty cool. Never heard of them or Chris - and I can't find the book on amazon. My initial thought was maybe if it was on Amazon you could see some free pages so you know what you are getting. Perhaps you can find some free video lessons by Chris on his website - just ideas.

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I almost bought it when I saw them recently, but I may still get it for reference. I imagine it involves a lot of tapping. :D