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Clapton review

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A friend of mine who lives in Ohio sent me this review of Eric Clapton's performance this last weekend.
Clapton Review

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its interesting...when i saw eric clapton lat elast year both my dad and i were unimpressed with teh gig, just shredding with no particular musical focus, he hardly sang and the show ran for 80 mins with no interlude and no encore...

also...doyle bramhall was acting like a right prat, but interestingly he plays a right handed guitar turned upside down but the low E was still at the bottom, he didnt restring it like hendrix used to! so he was playing with the strings upside down! :shock:

i think this review is spot on when it says 'While pleasing himself seemed to be his top priority' as there was no talking to the audience or encouraging audience participation at all etc

what i came out of it with though was a massive amount of respect for Derek Trucks!! teh slide lead guitarist! he was on par with clapton almost!! amazing player and seemed to be really havnig fun, doyle barely did a solo, it was all between derek and eric at my show. and thats what i liked the best!

all in all i would NOT pay $160 a ticket again for it, or prob see clapton again, but i would go and see derek trucks without hesitation!

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oh and i wish Robert Randolph wouldve opened for us! that guys great! :D

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Derek Trucks rules!!!! Got it in his blood. Must mean ABB isn't touring this year?

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I heard a review on the radio abou the show in CT. Robert Randolph didn't get a very good review. Clapton did although the comments were that the guitar player he had playing with him sounded as good or better than Eric and he was keeping Eric on his game so to speak. I think the guys name was Daryl Brambul or something. I know I've heard his name before.

Didn't see the show myself.

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Saw Clapton in Sacramento about two (three?) years ago. Was one of the best concerts I've ever seen.

Great sound, he was chatty and goofing around a little. What impressed me the most was the dynamics - usually you get the constant Wall-o-Sound in an arena. Was very lite at times, heavy at the perfect moments.

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