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complete guitar chord book

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Can someone recommend a good guitar chord book. I'm looking for a book with all chords and diagrams.

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I come with a month of delay...

Visit they have the best books ever
Especially look for those named "chord songbook"
I love the Oasis one, the Travis one is amazing, and there is one named Acoustic esentials that has a lot of great songs... all with chord boxes and the rythm explained...

I have the cranberries, the police, and dire straits greatest hits books
They are cheap, they have 14 songs each... what more can I ask of them?

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Are you asking about an all guitar chords book? One that shows relationships? Because if you are, I was wondering about that book. It seems like it would be a good investment, but am wondering if anyone else has got it? Sorry, just adding to your post huh?  :-/

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This reply is a tad late too............

however, I use a program which came free on a PC mag called Chord Wizard 1.5. I think you can download a trial of the new version 2.0. Very handy program, and very easy to use.

Peach of a progy.

If it's free its for me........... and I'll take three!