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Hokie Joint @Blueskitchen 1/5-2012

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I've been in London the last week and I happened to stumble across this band. We went in to the bar just to grab a burger, and then we noticed some people setting up and soundchecking on stage.

So we waited about an hour just to see if they would start, and right when were ready to go, the guy next to us said this band was really good, so we stayed. The started playing very late, but it was worth the wait. Even though I had a hard time for the singers pirate/Tim Burton-character voice the band was fantastic. They had a dedicated harmonica player, which was absolutley great. I realised I have a lot to learn on that instrument. The guitarist was fantastic. Steady rythmplaying, but when playing lead he really shined. Interesting and good sounding solos, and great slide playing. Realised I have a lot to learn there too.

The drummer looked just like Keith Richards and was probably 30 years older than the others and played just as steady as Charlie Watts and the bassist didn't miss a beat and had good basslines with melody.

I found it's the gigs you stumble across on pubs playing for free usually is much better than the bands you have to pay through your nose to see at a stadium.

Try too see this band if your in the London area, and like a bit of raunchy blues-rock.

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I agree with you, its the bands that you see in bars that you just somehow end up at that turn out to be amazing. I was at a bar in Phoenix, AZ which is connected to a hockey rink where you can drink and watch the local hockey teams play, and a band called AT-7 began playing and was great! They had 3 part harmonies and unique lyrics and melodies, it was even better than the hockey!

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