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Perfect Pitch

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Learn to recognize EXACT tones and chords by ear.  that's what this ad says, i see this all the time. this is suppossed to be in their 23 year now. Does anyone know anything about this so called super course?? it's priced at about 139 dollars plus 6 dollars get like 8 CD's plus a handbook. it says that you get  a full prompt refund if you don't notice immediate and dramatic improvements in 1) your ear, 2) your playing & singing, 3) your enjoyment. oh and the money back guarantee is for 40 days. If anyone has any opinions on this please respond. also, if anyone is interested and wants to know more here is all the info i can provide for you:

or you can call toll free at 1-888-745-8880

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HI, pup,

I think this belongs in the Learning material forum, so I'm going to move it there,

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that looks very interesting indeed. i think i'm gonna try and order that. i'm sorry i can't give an opinion on it yet, but i will if i get it.

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If this is indeed the course I'm thinking of, I ordered it years ago back when it was on cassette.  I didn't get very far  :( , even though I did all of the exercises on the first tape or two, including playing middle C on the piano every day and singing it, and then walking by in the middle of the day and seeing if I could sing the right note before playing it.

Unfortunately, sight singing has never been my strong point (sightreading is), which is why I finally plunked down the chunk-o-change.  For me, though, this just didn't help.  I didn't ask for a refund though, because I spent so much time getting to it.  I just finally threw them away when we moved.  

Over the years, I have found singing solfege, both separately and as I play scales and exercises, and listening to students play have helped my relative pitch.  But I don't ever expect perfect pitch. (Actually, I have heard that people who do have perfect pitch have their own problems, such trouble transposing because they hear the score in their head as written, so it's not all a bed of roses.)

So do they stay in business, because people like me don't return them or is the new program is better?  Maybe certain people are more apt to pick this up than others.  Anyway, my vote is thumbs down.  Sorry.

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I don't know about that particular program, but I do believe that perfect pitch is learnable.  That program may work well, but it probably isn't one size fits all either.

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I have that program on cassette. It is a standard ear training course which starts you developing your relative pitch. It will help you if you practice the excercises regularly.  Perfect pitch i don't have but my relative pitch is pretty good and that is something that every musician could use.