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Pink Floyd Pulse DVD

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I was given this newly released DVD for my birthday. I have been a Floyd fan most of my life so I will be rather biased by saying this is an awesome dvd and a must for any fan of the band. The performance is from a series of shows at Earls Court London in 1994. If I understand correctly the show was never released until a day or two after Syd's death this year. It is a two disk set with disk two devoted almost entirely to DSOTM. Disk one set list goes as follows: Shine on you Crazy Diamond, Learning to Fly, High Hopes, Take It Back, Coming Back to Life, Sorrow, Keep Talking, Another Brick part 2, One of these Days.
Disk one has original videos of Play All, Learning to Fly, Take it Back. There are other features in each disk as well but I haven't had time to discover them yet.
The concert footage is awesome and well shot. The backdrop is a large pupil which is used to project videos to the music played. And of course a Floyd show wouldn't be completed without some laser show added in. Late in the show a large diso ball is lowered from the ceiling then opens up from the middle taking the shape of an apple core. ( A poor comparison but I can't think of how to better discribe it)
The live music is reproduced very well with David turning out his signature sound and solos. Richard is awesome on keyboards. The supporting cast of 8 was great as well.
For $20 at Best Buy this was an awesome gift to have received.

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i love that dvd, i got it a couple weeks ago and i love shine on you crazy diamond, one of these days and money the most (due to the extra contribution put into the live versions). worth the buy for sure

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Yeah awesome DVD but then again I'm a hard out Floyd fan. Speaking of Floyd, Roger Waters just did a trip to NZ and had a concert in which I went to. Easly the best concert I've ever been to, amazing visual effects, surround sound and all the best songs such as money, time, another brick in the wall, wish you were here etc... :)