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Please review our website!

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Hi, folks!

This is Grey over at Hub Guitar, and in the last month or so we launched our new learning website over at

We are really excited to have this first version of the website up, and would love to have a few of you check it out. If you're familiar with the state of 'free online guitar lessons' I think you might find some of our lessons refreshing.

So, with much courage, I offer up for judgment here.

I was hoping our friends here at the Guitar Noise forums might be interested in sharing feedback about This feedback will be actively used to improve the website.

What do you think of the:

...Design and overall experience of using the site?

...Quality of the lessons (example: )

...Relevance of the content. Browsing the topics presented (fretboard knowledge, ear training, sight-reading, etc) how do you feel about this topics?

Would you recommend this site to a friend?

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I took a quick look at a couple of pages, and it looks good.

There's a typo on your page "are sharps and flats the same?" - it should read "41 cents below D".

Guitar teacher offering lessons in Plainfield IL