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Problems with 'Guit...
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Problems with 'Guitar in a nutshell'

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Hi all, my first post and it's not a good one.
I want to learn how to play a guitar and started my web search, I got to read loads of promising stuff from would be tutors. I eventually decided to bite the bullet and signed up with an Irish chap who runs a site called 'Guitar in a nutshell' he appeared to know what he was talking about and offers a money back guarantee. The instruction he was offering appeared a bit 'advanced' for me so I emailed and asked if he could advise me of a total beginner course, he emailed the next day directing me to a site which offered exactly what I was looking for. Feeling quietly confident, I signed up and paid $49.95, - which gets automatically taken every three months (90 days) for as long as you stay with them.
After I had paid, I received an email with a link to download the lessons I had paid for. This is where the fun begins...
Eagerly, I tried numerous times to download my first lesson but soon got frustrated because I got notices to tell me that 'the site has timed out'.
I sent an email to the 'support address' and next day received a reply asking what site I was attempting to get into? ( it appears that there are several sites associated with the 'guitar in a nutshell') I informed them that it is the 'Beginners Guitar in a nutshell' and waited for the reply, unfortunately, I have had no reply.
My reply was a bit caustic, and I pointed out that I couldn't gain entry to the site, the reason was because the site keeps 'timing out'.
I do not have much in the way of patients when things like this happens, it doesn't feel right.
Now I wait, 50 bucks lighter, to see wether I will get the lessons I paid for...
I only found Guitarnoise by accident but I wish I had found it earlier, it's a mine of information.
It may have helped me avoid my present situation.
More as it happens...

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Cancel your membership and tell the Guitar in A Nutshell people their product is rubbish - that usually gets someone's attention.

And welcome to Guitar Noise; we think you'll like it here.

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Thank you for your reply sir, they (G -in a nutshell) finally got back to me and sent new sign in details etc.
I can now get into the site but it still requires quite a bit of patience because their site is not fast.
The content seems to be of good standard and it looks like, with perseverance, it will get me going.
I'll bear with it for now - I've paid for 3 months so I might as well use it.
I'll keep you informed.