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Roger Waters - The Wall

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My son and I just got back from seeing Roger Waters perform the entire The Wall album live with all the effects, puppets and actual wall. Absolutely one of the most amazing concerts I've ever been to. The guitarists did a very good job playing Mr. Gilmour's parts, although I heard 1 missed note in Another Brick in the Wall pt 2. The guy that did the Comfortably Numb solos was spot on.

The visuals were powerful and the projection system they had for the wall was incredible. It seemed like rather than projecting 1 full image, they were projecting on each brick individually. There was a large amount of computers behind the sound desk controlling all of it, so there was quite a bit of technology on display. I remember being 14 or 15 and reading about the original Wall shows where they built the wall between them and the audience and thinking it would have been so cool to have been able to see that. It took 25 years, but I was able to tonight. My mind is still absorbing it all.

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Thanks for the review! And congrats, it seems you have been able to see it live :-)

I have the DVD. I watched it every then and now. It is not equivalent but meanwhile...