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Saw Eric Clapton and Robert Cray last night

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What a show, Cray was real good, he can really play, his set went about 40 min, Eric played about an hour and a half. Seeing videos of him is nothing like watching him live he was great, his playing is so fluid, he had a sit down set of old blues that was awesome, he closed it out with Further on down the Road, Wonderful Tonight, and Layla, then came back out for an encore of Cocaine and Cray came out to do Crossroads with him, great show!!

Doyle Bramhall II can really play too, he plays his guitar like Albert King did, a right handed guitar played lefty but he doesn't switch the strings, he keeps the high E on top, the rest of the band was very good also.


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Big fan of Bramhill II. All three of them are on Eric Clapton's Crossroads Guitar Fesitval DVD. If you don't have it, it's must for fans of guitar. Very deverse line up. Good Stuff.

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as I've said before, I saw the same show, but with derek trucks, best concert I've ever seen...ever. Incredible musicians.