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Saw Neil Young last...
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Saw Neil Young last night - awesome...

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just wanted to share this with you - I saw Neil Young last night live at an open-air festival in Sydney. Stood right in front of Neil, and I was a overwhelming experience. There was something spiritual about him playing, you could see it came from the heart and he meant every note he played and every word he sang, especially Hey Hey My My and The Damage and The Needle Done, plus many more. I loved all the vintage Fender Tweed amps he had one stage, have to find our more about his equipment. I am so glad I finally saw him live...... It makes me want to practice even more now...

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I like Neil, never had the chance to see him live.I bet it was great


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I would love to see Neil, i'm a little jealous!

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I saw Neil Young a few years ago doing his Greendale show. Crazy Horse did a short set after playing those classic greats.
Neil is awesome. his playing style inspires me.

I heard his shows 'down under' are fantastic.
cool mate. glad you saw him.

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I saw him about 14 or 15 years ago in Raleigh, probably the year after Harvest Moon came out. He had Booker T and the MGs "backing" him up. They fed off each other and the audience gave it all back. One heck of a show. Highlight for me was Down By The River and the subsequent jam. I think they did Powderfinger either right before or afterwards. Don't remember for sure. Whatever it was, it was a very powerful 20 minutes of Rock 'n Roll.

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