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Seasick Steve Live last night

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I saw Seasick Steve live last night here in Sydney. It was a great show, full of high-energy blues, raw and exciting. Steve played some strange guitars, his main one only has 3 (heavy-looking) strings, and he pounds it like there's no tomorrow. He also played it through a Roland Cube 30X which was mic'ed. There's just no comparison to his records, and the drummer was incredible as well.

If you ever get a chance to see him, do it. And check out some of the youTube videos.

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I found a couple of cool videos of Seasick Steve on a French website called La Blogotheque. I can't read the French, but basically they get Steve to play some songs "out and about" in Paris, almost as if busking. That seems to be the general idea with all that website's "sessions", in fact 8)

Oh, and his Black Cab Session is pretty good too!

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