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The Art of Contemporary Travis Picking by Mark Hanson

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I just picked up this book about a month ago. Let me tell you it's great. I've been playing for a long time but would classify my self as an intermediate. I had never learned to fingerpick. This book is getting me there fast. It is well written and easy to understand. It has some great tunes that help illustrate what is being taught. It comes with a cd that slows down the tunes so you can hear the playing. I am making fast progress but that's because I am working hard. I practice the exercises/tunes a half hour to one hour per day. I would not recommend this to absolute beginners because he does assume that you do know common open position chords and the chords get a little more complicated as you progress. The book costs about $20.00(US). If you want to learn to fingerpick buy this book. When I get through this one I am going to buy the Art of Solo Guitar Playing by this same author

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Belated thanks for this review. I am just getting into fingerstyle and have heard good things about this book; I've added it to my wishlist.

Quick question: do you use a thumbpick or prefer thumbing without?

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