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thumbs up for Taylor Road Show

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attended the Taylor Road Show at my locate shop (Russo Music Center) last night. while I'm not a crazyforTaylor guy, I recommend going to one of these and meeting the Taylor guys -- very cool and helpful. they discuss tonal differences between body types, woods and do demos of the acoustics and electrics, winding it up with a "petting zoo", where they let everyone have some hands-on time with some very nice and exotic guitars. it was all very informal and relaxed. big bonus for me: during the show, Taylor's local authorized tech checked out my T5 and fixed an annoying issue I've had for years: sharp fret ends top to bottom. also was interesting to overhear a couple people admiring my T5. maybe I should have offered to sell it ... :wink:

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+1 to the Taylor guys. I met a bunch of them, as well as Bob at the 2008 NAMM show. They're really kind, knowledgeable and stand behind what they do.

I'm a big Taylor fan, I just wish they weren't so gosh-darned expensive.