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Walk the Line (Johnny Cash Film)

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Took my wife to see this film yesterday. Interestingly, opinion around the office ranged from "yeah, got to see it !" to "johnny cash?".

Well let me tell you this is one fantastic film. Both lead roles, Cash played by Joaquin Phoenix and June Carter played by Reese Witherspoon, act out of their particular Phoenix who captures Cash's walk, talk and guitar style pretty much spot on. Its worth noting that all the actors in the film recorded their own vocals, no mean feat considering Cash's pretty unique sound.

The film starts with the famous Fulsom prison concert, Johnny backstage thinking about his brother who was killed in a tragic accident when they were growing up. Cash's father seems to blame Johnny for his brothers death and this leaves a deep scar on his character that is well explored in the film.

The film then cuts back to the childhood memories of Johnny and moves forward in time, covering his early marriage and subsequent downward spiral into amphetamine misuse and heavy drinking, his initial success as a recording artist (including the famous meeting with Sam Phillips) and ultimiately his pursuit of June Carter.

June comes across as the person that saved Cash from the gutter - I won't spoil it for you but the lengths to which she goes to get him off amphetimines is worthy viewing.

The film ends back where we started with the Folsum Prison concert.

You can tell a good film when the audience sits all the way through the closing credits, which most people in the cinema I was at did.

thoroughly recommended, go and see it.


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We saw this, too. I liked the way Presley was shown as a drug-riddled wimp even in his 20's, and the portrayal of Jerry Lee Lewis as an insecure but egocentric hellraiser was simply excellent.

There's a heck of a lot of music in the film, which is good to see. I'd have liked to see more about the Folsom Prison concert, having seen it on TV when I was a teenager (and revelled in being the only guy at school who knew what was under the bleeps in "A Boy Named Sue").

Did anybody notice, when Phoenix was hanging pictures on the wall, that one of the pictures was actually Johnny Cash and June Carter, not Joaquin Phoenix and Rees Witherspoon? A class touch. An excellent film.

A :-)

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I was channel-surfing one night last week and ran across CMT or someplace with music videos, landing there right after the start of the vid for "Jackson." (So I didn't see that it was the movie version.) My first thought was, "Johnny and June had a video of that?" It only took another minute or so for it to dawn on me that it was Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon. :roll:
Good stuff.

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Love it

Love it

Love it

This is the best movie I have seen for a loooooooooong time

The music is awesome the casting brilliant

What else can say but

Love it

Hilch :!:

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And the DVD comes out on 2/28

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yeah i saw was good i would recomend it to any guitar fan

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I'm a big JC fan and can honestly say, I wasn't thrilled by the movie.

I don't think Joaquin Phoenix did as good of a job as everyone said he did. OTOH, I thought Reese Witherspoon did a FANTASTIC job! I think she made the movie more than Joaquin.

I don't think I can pin point the problem but, Joaquin lacked the swagger that JC had. Also, JC had almost a slow vibrato to his voice and I thought Joaquin missed that completely.

Maybe I'm being harsh and was expecting too much but, that's my opinion.


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I really enjoyed the movie and I knew little about JC and I don't even like country music.

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