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adjusting voice for keyboard vs guitar

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i play keyboards and guitar (not very good at either but i know basic chords and rhythm.) Now I've started singing along mainly to my guitar playing. It sounds okay to me - not great but ok. By that i mean that i seem to be singing in the right key. Anyway, when i try to sing along to the same chords on the keyboard, it doesn't quite sound right, even to my ears. Seems like the pitch is incorrect. My question is, do you need to adjust the pitch of your voice when singing along to keyboard/piano as opposed to guitar? Is it perhaps that I'm trying to sing guitar based songs on keyboard?


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No, a key is a key, and the pitch doesn't vary at all with instrumentation. But it could be that you hear the guitar and the keyboard is different ways. You can work through this hearing problem, and I don't suspect that it would take very long, but it is certainly something that you need to do if you want to improve your vocals.