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Already Gone Cover Beginner Please Comment!

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Hi I'm Mike and I am a beginner at singing. Here is a recording of me singing Kelly Clarkson's "Already Gone"
Please tell me bluntly if you think I can sing or have any future in singing. My friends and neighbors say I do but I want to hear other opinions.

Thanks! :D

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I'm always a little puzzled when people talk about wanting 'a future in singing'. Does that mean aspirations to join a band, or to win pop-Idol?

Everyone can learn to improve their voice. But to have a career as a singer is extremely difficult even if you are exceptional.

The main thing you should ask yourself (and not others) is do you WANT to sing? Do you want to improve your voice? It will take years of dedicated practice (and by practice I mean learning how to use your voice, not simply singing songs) if you want to find your voice, and you should only do it for yourself... Try not to get to carried away with the conjecture of people telling you how well (or how badly) you sing.

As for your voice. It was hard to tell cause the recording was quite low quality, but you seem to have a sense of pitch, rhythm and the will to want to sing. If you really want to learn, I suggest you start looking at some information and exercises about breathing and support... then take it from there :).

Good luck!

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