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Analyze my voice...
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Analyze my voice...

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An original song, kinda just messing around. I want someone to rip my vocals apart and tell me whats good and whats not.

Thanks for your time in advance...

Just click 'Play Song',

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I like it! :mrgreen: Welcome to the forum, inreach. Your song is good, and your voice seems to me to suit the style perfectly. Although your voice slips a few times, the vocal is IMO fine--it is strong and expressive. Stylistically, I think that you occasionally push your emotions too hard--try to be a bit more subtle with the emotional expression. You don't have to beat us over the head with your passion. A little goes a long way!

My more serious criticisms would focus on the recording (voice/guitar levels are sometimes off, some distortion, voice needs compression, etc.) but since this is, as you suggest, thrown together, I think it's a great success!

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You have a very good voice. Although like Jersey Jack said, calm down on the expression. Being expressive is a good thing, but when someone is too expressive, it can be a bit hard on the ears.

But with that said, I like your voice, and I like the song. Keep up the good work.