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Any idea why my voi...
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Any idea why my voice sounds better on cheapo mics?

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I noticed something I'm not sure how to explain. I've been recording test stuff on a cheap tablet, kinda like how people used 4tracks back in the day, and I thought my voice was good enough for what I wanted. Switched to a proper mic (Shure SM58, thanks for the suggestion GN folks) and fed into audacity though and my voice sounds either like crap or after a lot of effort it only sounds half as decent. I'm not sure why this happens.

My guess is that the recording app on the tablet has some sort of filter or something but I'm not noticing any huge differences in the way the guitar sounds. I'm pretty tempted to record any vocal tracks that way but I'd still like to know if anyone's got any idea why that happens.

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Yeah that happens. The expensive microphone is the correct representation. (usually) The effect can be lag and gives a little reverb effect, to name one. It doesn't take long to improve singing if you get the right advice on technique and just train you ear. So, what I'm saying is, it wont take long for the dryer mic to sound better.

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Each mic has a frequency response curve. They don't pick up all frequencies equally.


Sennheiser MD421 with all positions of the clickable low reject filter

Each mic model is different. Your voice might be needing some boost where the signature is low, or cutting where the signature is high.

Plus some mics have more or less proximity effect (when you sing too close it sounds muddy).

When I was doing session work, the engineer would listen to the singer's voice, then bring out two or three mics that he thought would capture their voice best.

Cheap mics have more severe response curves, so the particular cheap mic you are using, might just be right for you. On the other hand, a better mic with some good EQ might make you sound even better.

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Firstly, you have a nice voice. As the technology help us for a better listening & the mics are always there for better representation. But you have to practice more & more for the best voice (without mics). Prepare your ear to a good one & play the notes in proper way. The sound from the mics are may be loud or clear, sometime instrumental but make the voice good that may also feel better without mics.