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Any Yodelers in our...
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Any Yodelers in our group?

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Just curious, I've always been fascinated by yodelers but I've never been any good at it myself. I have a CD in my truck by LeAnn Rimes and she yodels to the song "Cowboy Sweetheart" and one day while my wife and I were out for a ride I started getting a little crazy and started yodeling along with the song, my wife was shocked and said it sounded really good. But I have a deep voice and I think a higher voice sounds much better for yodeling. And don't don't ask me to record it, it just won't happen. lol.

Anyway, if any of you guys/gals are yodelers I'd be interested in knowing how you got started,did you pick it up on your own or was someone in your family a yodeler? And if you have a recording please share it with us! Thanks! :)