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Baritone Singers - Need all the advice I can get!

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I'm a true baritone but most of the bands I listen to are sung by tenors :( ...If I increased my range an octave or so I'd probably sound faintly like Anthony Kiedis from the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Anyway, I just turned 21 and every day I'm experimenting with my voice, but I need a lot of advice from you baritones... So here's a couple questions:

1. How do you sing high notes at medium volume (not loud, but not soft)?

2. Were there any problems you had to overcome singing that you'd like to share? I'm also curious how you corrected them.


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I might be able to help, but I don't know what you mean by true baritone, and what you mean by high notes. Do you mean notes in falsetto, or just at the top of your head voice range? Before I give you a copout answer like "breath support," maybe you could post where your break (the note at which regular singing begins to sound unacceptably crappy) is, and what notes you are having trouble singing at medium volume.


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oooh a copout answer like "breath support" he cuts me to the quick he does. :D

Working through your breaks to get a smooth sound, singing head voice, breath support, playing in a key appropriate to your range, making use of the microphone and singing softly with plenty of air are all things to consider.

I'm a baritone and given enough time and practice I can sing pretty darn high.

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I'm a baritone that got stuck in the bass section of chorus all year. I too am experiencing some higher notes difficulty. Whenever I try to use my falcetto it's consistantly off.

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Hey everyone,

I actually don't know my exact range, but after doing scales and testing my limits all my friends tell me I'm a baritone.

Anyways, let me try to explain my singing situation as best I can:

I have identified my chest voice and head voice and always try to use my diaphram for support. While singing I usually throw in some vibrato to make sure I'm using my diaphram. I also try to stay relaxed (yet expressive) when I sing.

So I've got this problem... Whether I'm singing loud (both head voice and chest voice), it sounds a tad bit forced, like I'm using the back of my throat too much.

Now I don't believe I'm straining my voice, I just feel like it's either: a.) I'm using my throat wrong, b.) I'm forcing a little too much air out, or c.) something else.

I'm trying to sing as naturally as I can, I have no idea how this strange habit developed :(

My friends tell me I sound good and in tune, but a little off on the tone, and none of them can explain why.