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brutal honesty plea...
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brutal honesty please

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It would be good to get some honest opinions on my singing, you can be brutal I'm a grown up and I'm aware its not good. Any pointers would be great. I would just like to have the confidence to sing infront of a few friends and nothing more.

Jersey Jack
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There are moments in that performance that are extremely good--I especially like the natural tone of your voice--but there are also some rough spots. The good news is that I don't hear anything that can't be effectively addressed through practice and perhaps a few lessons.

First, I think the key is too low for you. Try raising it up a full tone, perhaps a bit more, and see how it sounds. Also, I think you need to woodshed the melody. It's not that you don't know the melody, it's that you don't yet appear to have a solid grasp of how to sing the melody. Play the melody on the guitar and sing along with it, note for note, using a single syllable of your choice; when you feel secure with it this way, start to restore the words, paying close attention to your pronunciation and making sure that the words remain as true to the notes as your chosen syllable.

If you do a bit of work I think you can become a fine singer! 8)

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I liked your voice when you went a bit higher! It sounded a touch nasal but I reckon with more practice it would sound great!

Try relaxing your throat as you go higher, you want to imagine there's a big egg in the back of you're throat... keep your voice box relaxed and just try be as natural as you can. It kind of sounds a little unsupported too... so maybe try some breathing exercises too!


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