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can i sing?

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Hi, I play piano and am learning guitar with the aim of performing at an open mic night in a year or two. Can you listen to my voice (without instrumentation) and tell me if i have a chance of singing without being laughed out of the pub? I mainly want to sing folk/rock/metal songs.

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You chose a song that doesn't have much range, so it's not a good demonstration of what you can do. Can you sing? Well, yes, but you have a few things to work on. You're not always right on pitch. Your voice is a little nasally. The sound should be coming from your mouth. One way to practice that is to pinch your nose closed and sing. Also, this was a short clip and one that doesn't lend itself to much variety, but you could work on some dynamics and expressiveness. I would say that if your goal is to sing in public in a year or two, you can definitely do that.


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Nice tone to your voice! I sound extremely nasally and have an extremely small mouth, so I am cursed. I am going to try some advice I have read here that seems to be very helpful. Maybe I can get myself to the point of sounding passable. Keep up the good work! :)

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Sounds alright, you stayed in tune. If you keep practicing, you'll start to develop vibrato and a nicer tone. Try practicing songs a little out of your vocal range to expand it, it'll make the notes you're already good at singing sound even better!.