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Can play guitar. Want to progress with singing now

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To have a good singing voice, you'll need to warm up your voice before singing and avoid vocal strain while singing to keep control. Recording yourself, listening for errors, and letting others listen to you sing will also make it easier to improve your singing voice.

1.Relax your vocal chords before you start singing.
2.Don't force the high notes.
3.Drink plenty cool water (not iced) or have hot/warm tea: This is best for your vocal cords because it simply hydrates them and helps clear away excess mucus.
4.Practice breathing deeply.
5.Practice phrasing.
6.Record yourself

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Is it hard to play the guitar?
I want to learn how to play the acoustic guitar, but Is it hard. 

So I heard it takes quite a few years, but I just want to learn the basics. I'm not going to take lessons, so is there any websites where I can learn, for free. :) 

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Check out the lessons on this very site

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Singing & playing the guitar is a challenge. It is worth developing both independently, as well as together, so that you give proper attention to each aspect of both "instruments". So many sure you are developing your singing voice away from the guitar as well as with it, this will make the quality of what you sing much better when you do combine the two.

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Hello Dear,
As a beginner you have to learn how to play a guitar, have to know some knowledge about the guitar tuner buttons & strings. If you have the passion on you you will surely play guitar. Yeah, of course singing will help you to progress & you should have a good ear also.

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Bob Dylan was once derided for the quality of his singing. His response? "I hit all the right notes, don't I?"

Duke Ellington said it best: "If it sounds good, it IS good!"

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I began in gatherings having for the most influence saxophone and duplicating on bass and moreover rhythm guitar when required. I fail to see myself as a bassist or guitarist by at that point, yet if I was exhibited what I expected to play on that definite tune, I could do it. (I undoubtedly learned bass and guitar so much later). I fail to sing.

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You're welcome . Some people think that singing is a magical gift that can't be done by everybody and that isn't the case at all . It can be learned just like how playing guitar can be learned .

When people learn that I play guitar they often tell me that they always wanted to learn an instrument when they were younger . I tell them it is never too late to learn . Singing is the same .

So I would say I'm intermediate on guitar. I'm at a point in my life where I want learn how to sing and have a bearable singing voice while playing guitar. I can sing and play guitar at the same time but I sound really, really bad when I sing. Is there any advice anyone can give a beginner? Like I'm just so lost when it comes to learning the basics of singing.

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