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Can you learn to have a good voice?

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I play guitar and I started a band with a drummer friend.
We thought I could be a guitarist singer. Ok, I can sing properly in tune and stuff with the guitar, but I just can't find a good voice. As soon as I go into the high notes my voice has to change and it sounds really bad. Also, my voice sounds the same as when I talk, so it's not very special.
How can I obtain or find a proper and nice voice? Is it possible to learn to have a good one? Or am I just unlucky :P ?
Please reply because I'm hesitating on taking singing lessons at my music school.
I learned guitar by myself in front of a computer and developped my own style, it sounds pretty good, but can I do the same for singing?

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I think it's one of the worst feelings when I'm singing on key, and then I record myself and even tho I was on key and everything, my voice just plain sounded horrible. Don't worry, you don't have to be stuck this way. I personally like to add some vibrato (I don't know if that's actually the right term or not) to my voice when I sing alone but you can sing things different ways, just experiment, could just go metal :P Go for the singing lessons and you might be able to learn there more how to do something about than I can tell you. I just want you to know that there's hope!

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:) dont worry buddy , i used to face the same situation but not anumore....cuz ive experimented with differnt songs and genres, and keep experimenting ...try different voices and one fine morning ull find what ur lookin for. dont try a song that doesnt suit ur voice. for example i listen to modern rock like creed and alterbridge and pearl jam , nirvana etc. but i tried singin those songs but came up empty...then 1 day i found that i can sing Elvis presley very well, though i was not listening to elvis, then i started listening to him and pick up some of his ever green songs, and i got plenty of good comments which i failed to get previously....hope the story makes sense and helps ya buddy.

if u cant sing high ...just avoid the high range songs, singing high is not neccessary to become a good singer. there are plenty of good singers who dont sing high.

peace out :D

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I think hearing your own recorded voice always seems to sound bad. Just stick to songs that are in a key that you can handle.

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The reason your voice breaks like that is because you have 2 ranges. Your head voice (falsetto) and your chest voice. You have to develope each seperatly before you can bridge the gap and eventually use them both in your middle register, that is what the really great singers do.

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its a placement thing, iv just been going over this with a singing instructor, head and chest voice is a very simplified explanation, but different sounds and pitches are located in different parts of the head or chest, so to reach your full potential you need to first be able to know where to put the sound, how to project it, second actually be able to do it, and third make the transitions between them smooth.

if possible try to take a few lessons, there expensive (therefore the reason iv only had three) but each time iv gone its pushed me streets ahead of where i was IF and this is a big IF, you stick with the new 'proper' methods and not slip back into what youve always done...

i think what your finding with the high notes is that your going falsetto (different to head voice...but its a long story so scan through the older articles and read them)
is that you reach the notes but suddenly your voice gets thin and lacks the power it had up to then, its a limited range thing. after a while you learn how high you can go without falsetto and when you need to flip up into it. doesnt really go well with rock though...

with the singing vibrato trev, if it sounds good your lucky and i hate you... :lol:
for ages when i was singing i was adding 'vibrato' and thought it was good, until someone finally came out and said, the notes were right but your voice sounded so shaky! then everyone else agreed and i felt i sang it again without my 'vibrato' and they all thought it sounded a lot better, so a good thing to do is try different methods when your around people (and record them and listen to yourself) and ask them which ones sounded better. it may be a bit daunting and embarrasing at first but it will speed up your progress and maybe even avoid weeks or months of thinking you sound alright until someone gets up the courage to tell you you dont... :oops:

big post but i hope it helps