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Country Trills?
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Country Trills?

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Country singers often embellish a melody by performing what I can only call a TRILL. I know such vocal devices are common in classical singing, so I'm hoping someone who's classically trained can give me some direction. Is such trilling generated by stomach/breath, or does it involve the throat? I've tried getting a trill going, but not very successfully.

Of course, any un-classically-trained country singer who has wisdom on the matter should also chime in. Or anyone, for that matter!

I admire Merle Haggard's and George Jones's singing a lot, and both trill liberally--Randy Travis and the newer country folks do it as well (though the latter aren't much to my taste).

If we get this going, we'll move on to yodeling, whooping, and that Bob Wills yelp!

Jersey Jack