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With all the effect boxes for vocalists such as harmony and loopers etc.
Isn't it about time some super brainy tech invented an effect box that transforms your voice into that of the artist you are trying to emulate.
I mean they can do it for guitars and bass even drummers can change their kit with the click of a button
Wouldn't it be great to sound like Kirk Cobain when singing "about a girl" and then switch to the Bowie channel to sing "Heroes" and then over to Freddie Murcury to sing "somebody to love.... etc. etc.
Can't be that difficult can it ???

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Well, I think it kinda goes back to the thing about "guitar tone is in the fingers as much as in the gear used." Much as I might like to really sound like Justin Hayward when singing "Nights in White Satin," I know it ain't never gonna happen. I might get "close" to the sound, but I'll never be Hayward.
I once had someone tell me I had "out-Clapton'ed Clapton" when singing "Wonderful Tonight" at karaoke, but I didn't think I did it that well. It was a compliment, but I keep on wanting perfection.

I think it's better to "put your own stamp" on a song, whether it's on guitar,vocals, or anything. If you want to be true to the original version, that's fine, and if you want to sing it differently (hopefully not so it's unrecognizable :mrgreen: ), that's okay too. Either way, give it your best shot.
With too much technology applied, I think it would be artificial, and maybe not as much fun.