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Excercises to Become a Better Vocalist?

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As I have said before, I am learning guitar for my personal project for school. I want to try playing all parts of the song "You're Gonna Lose That Girl" by the Beatles, including guitar, bass, vocals, and drums. This is not part of my project necessarily, I just want to find out if I am capable of this (I already know the drumming). Anyways, I don't exactly have a nice sounding voice, but I would like to change that. If you have any excercises that can help, please share them. Thanks!

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scales and breathing exercises.

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Of course exercises help us to become a better vocalist. But you have to know your range first. There are some breathing exercises, like long breath in & breath out. You can have a little bit warm water on your throught. Learn to recognize the proper pitch.

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check out JacobsVocal Academy youtube channel. I have tried his exercises and I have seen progress.