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favorite microphone for singing live or recorded...

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might be off topic, but since it relates I was wondering what mic's you use.
I live the sm58 for live situations, but it's o.k for recording at home. I'd like to get an inexpensive condenser mic for vocals and see how that goes, plus I could use it for guitars without a pickup!


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I recently purchased an inexpensive condenser mike and the difference is noticable. I found myself having to back off as the new mile is so much more sensistive.I was hearing every hiss and pop, specifically when singing an S or P.

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I have a MXL 990/993 condenser pair, I use the 990 for vocals and the 993 for instruments. I got the set at GC for $69.99, it normally sells for $149.99 at MF. They both work very well for me.

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The Shure SM 58 is the industry standard..

The Shure Beta 58 is a step up on that. Great all round mike.