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First time singing
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First time singing

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Hey ive been thinking of singing along and playing guitar, ive never taken any singing lessons but i am thinking of it.

Could i get some feedback on my first signing attempt :D

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Hey there!
First of all, well done for recording yourself and posting it, takes balls listening to yourself! Thats the first step, try and be critical of yourself.

In my opinion, you need some work and lessons could help this, but its nothing practice and effort won't fix! You were a little flat, it might be a good idea to sing scales to tune your voice, you can sing the scales as you play them on the guitar to do this, try and pay attention to hitting the same note your playing and practice going up and down the scale so your vocals are more flexible. Your timing was a bit off on some parts too, again this comes with practice and knowing the song your singing well! You also sounded a bit dull, try to get into the song; mean something with every word you say... you don't have to pour your heart out on every word, but if the lyrics are happy sing it like its happy... you get the idea :D. But you never sounded out of breath and you sounded in control of your voice, so well done, its a good start!

The main advice I would give you is this: record your voice when you sing, listen to it and be critical. Don't rip it to shreds so that you never want to do it again, and don't be too easy on yourself either, aim for something and try and make adjustments in your voice so that you achieve it. At the end of the day, only you know how you want your voice to sound :).

But keep on singing,

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Excellent advice from Nath. You do have some work to do, but if you want it badly enough, it's yours! Above all, resist the inclination to think of singing as a talent one is born with--i.e., either one can or can't sing. Simply not true. There are some folks who can't sing, but the problem here is not vocal quality but a simple lack of feel for music. They couldn't be decent piano or guitar players either.

So get down on the floor and give me 20 scales, soldier! Practice is crucial--just as it is for playing the guitar. And lessons....Oh, lessons will speed things up considerably

Good luck, and keep singing! :wink:

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Put some music on. Then play your guitar and sing at the same time. That should get you going in no time.

Record when you are confident enough to sing without the music on from behind. Then compare and the road to improvement keep on going.

Good Luck !

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thanks for sharing


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I agree with the advice from Nathan 80.

The biggest thing I would say is to believe in yourself. It's so easy to doubt your own voice or to let other people make you feel doubt. So many people have this idea that singing is something only a select group of people can (or should) do. That's not true!

Singing Lessons - Anyone Can Learn How To Sing!

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I am trying to sing and play at the same time...but I think I should get a lesson or 2

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In my opinion, you have to train your pitching skills if you want to play guitar and sing at the same time.