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help with my voice ...
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help with my voice =/

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thats me singing break even by the script lol
I was hoping i can get some help from others =/ i know its not very good but ive always wanted to sing but i just have no idea where to begin. If anyone can point out some of my key problems that would be great..also i'm not even sure if thats my natural singing do you even find your natural singing voice? lol well thanks everyone and i appreciate all the help.

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I'm not sure that I got or understood the link. Have you got Myspace or can you tube it?

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Late response but screw it: sounds like a great start to me! The highest part are out of your range, changing keys would do wonders here. You have the beginnings of vibrato, there are decent dynamics and you seem to have a feel for performance. I'd suggest playing a little closer to your natural range and just singing as often as you can. 8)