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how can you, so to say, find the time to warmup for singing?

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this is one of the things that holds me back the most, i can never find the time to actually warmup before i sing
think about it, an open mic scenerio and you decide to spontaniously get up there and play a song?
or just anything of the sort playing randomly without warming up for someone?
it's not like you can just warm up your vocal chords infront of an audience, as thats totally not professional at all
does anyone else find this difficult?
or what are your thoughts about this, and how i could overcome warming up or finding the time?

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find a space, outside, downstairs, in the car. Also you shouldn't be singing all that loud for a warmup anyway.

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Make the time.

In the car, or if your drive isn't long, start at home.

Do not drink any cold or alcoholic beverages. Instead warm water with lemon or green tea.

If singing more than one song, sing one first with limited range.

Learn to breathe properly (from your diaphragm NOT your chest).

Relax your throat, neck and upper chest.

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Sing while you take the loo break, perhaps ?

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In the car is the best bet.