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i allways have this...
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i allways have this question can i sing,

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Hi all .. hope you all can give me a answer...

i m a Sri lankan guy and love to sing English songs..i m not doing singing as a career but i would like to sing and do a album..
so i m working many ways of getting my vocals improve..but every time i try hard.. i failed to get the best results..which satisfy me..some times i used to hear my voice and i started hating my voice..i m thinking that i don't have a good voice..
sometimes my friends use to tell me.. u cant sing.. and u cannot sing English songs Caz u are from different country.. i m just having doubts whether i can sing English songs. how can i hardly work on my vocals where can i start...what is the good way to start vocal practicing. please advice me.. i would happy to upload a audio of mine in future so that u can say how bad i am doing this... thank you...hope i will get ur ideas and advices.. for my problem..

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You most certainly can learn to sing in English or any other language you might choose. It takes will, determination and effort. Keep practicing.

Tim Madsen
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