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Improving pronounci...
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Improving pronounciation?

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Hey, my problem is basically this. I can hit notes fine. Not perfectly, and not all of them, but I can work on that easily enough. The issue is that whenever I listen to a recording of my singing, my pronounciation sounds ridiculous. It sounds fine as I'm singing it, but when I hear recordings I sound trembly and I sing all of my vowels in a stupid way.

I've noticed it's a lot more apparent while singing falsetto. But the issue's still there otherwise.

Any ideas?

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I am three lessons in with a very good teacher , so this is how she put it to me.

Over-pronounce , to beyond comedy effect as it pushes you into mastering the shapes.

The theory behind this is to go beyond your usual and into the area you are uncertain of, so that when you go back to your usual you know what to do.

Lovat it..I just hit the damn thing...

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We are our worst critics when it comes to our sining, especially when we hear playbacks. Post something up and let us give a listen in. Would help with suggestions, and maybe we'll find there is nothing wrong after all.


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