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Original Song... Am I okay?

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This is one of my original songs I have wrote its called "Seven Digits". Please tell me what you think and if you have any critiques. Also subcribe to my youtube page if you like! :) Thanks!! :D

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Hey Hannah! Yes, you are more than okay, you blew me away.

I had to listen to all your other songs to see where you're coming from, to see if this was just a one off. Personally, I don't like to comment on just one thing, as I feel that I could be misled, or I could mislead you?

Your voice is unique, so far you're the only one I've heard that has your voice. :lol: Oh, it's great BTW.

I'd say years of classical training, and then you went with your own style, and did it all your way.

Your inflection and expression, empahasis and all, energy and sustain are excellent.

That's gumption, so this is you IMO per the thesaurus:
Boldness of enterprise; initiative or aggressiveness.
Guts; spunk.
Common sense.

On Seven Digits, I dunno, I didn't hear a bridge. It's a lot of the same thing, which is your signature sound I think. Try for a little more variety, and if there's no bridge, you could add one, slow it down in one place, let the song breathe, and throw in a BM7 chord perhaps. You'd be awesome!

"Your Shoes" is one of best, if not the best IMO, because it has everything and is slower and a little less aggressive.

"Scars" or at least the chorus in it, shows that you can shine in a minor key ... I'd use minor keys more then. :D

"Don't Know Why" somehow tells me you could be a jazz singer too, though I like your natural genre just fine. 8)

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There's no question about it... you can definitely sing. And you can sing well.

However I'm gonna be perfectly honest with you, cause I think that's often when people need. I didn't necessarily think you were unique. The song you wrote (which is entirely decent by the way, don't think I'm knocking it cause I'm not) and your voice as a whole reminds me of the kind of thing I hear day in day out on the radio. Which if that's what your going for is excellent :D. But it didn't seem to have any unique personality to it.

But like I said, you clearly have a good voice, maybe now you could spend some time stylizing it :).


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You do have a good voice and can obviously strum and sing with no problem. It sounds like you are straining a bit on the higher notes, although I don't think they are anywhere near the top of your range. This makes you just slightly under the pitch on those notes. Instead of belting it out, try relaxing your throat and opening your mouth a little more.

The song is pleasant enough. But, as has already been said, it could use some variety. Stick with it, keep practicing the singing and playing, and keep writing the songs. If you haven't had voice lessons, think about doing that for a while. You definitely have a lot of potential and are well on your way to being a very good singer. Every song you write isn't going to be great, but some of them very well could be.


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Thank you so much everyone. You guys have given me the most honest and useful feedback I've ever gotten from a forum. Thanks!