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Range Question

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Sorry for all the questions but i'm just a new singer and I was wondering i can just barely sing that high G (1st string on my guitar) I don't think i could ever sing that in a song but if i practiced alot and did a bunch of scales will I eventuall be able to hit that note easily? or at least to sing it in a song and sound powerful

thanks for the answers

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In short answer, yes you will be able to use that note, and you are going about practicing in the exactly right way to improve this part of your range to the quality and tone of the rest of your range.
Continue with the scales!

Zacharias Wolf

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it's good that you have a goal in mind. practice in your comfortable range first, and never strain your vocal chords, no matter what, a sore throat is never the result of good practice. a tired throat maybe, but not sore.

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i found when i started that i couldnt even sing a high c, the songs i liked were all around high a etc. i could barely reach them in falsetto. but i just sang them in my bad falsetto. very high, i cracked and faded out and it sounded so bad but it streatched them like nothing else and now i can sing a high a without falsetto. just like the singers in the songs. so dont worry about it sounding bad just keep pushing, my voice did hurt sometimes after so i just left off for a day or too then warmed up more than usual before the next set