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Singing after surge...
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Singing after surgery

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Two weeks ago, I had an outpatient procedure which required them to give me a general and run that tube down my throat so I would breathe. For days afterward, my speaking voice was like Eastwood in "Gran Torino". Since then it has smoothed out, however when singing I've noticed my voice getting weak at times and my range is affected.

Anyone here gone through this and how long before I can sing normally again?

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Ooooh, I love Gran Torino! But you can't ake a shotgun just anywhere? :shock:

This is a medical question, I might be able to answer it on that basis as a first aid and rehabilition provider in the past, but there's liability and responsibility that goes with it. :?

We can not go harming our larynx or vocal chords, and it depends on what was touched or temporarily damaged by your tube-in-esophagus or tracheal procedure. Ohhhh, trachea, I just re-read your post. That is a little more serious.

The key anyhow, is to heal and restore yourself gradually. Different time frames will be appropriate for different people and different conditions. Bring back various, and easiest ranges or frequencies (incl muscles) over a period of time that is comfortable.

You don't have to actually sing but can exercise with arpeggios. Try vocal scales - boring, and don't go too high. I am certainly not a voice coach, and may not know what I am saying here, just trying to be safe and practical.

I once, and recently lost my voice, or at least damaged it to a serious degree for 6 months to a year, from belting out tunes somewhere, somehow overdoing it. :oops:

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I am a voice instructor and I think what happened to you may be what happened to me during my most recent surgery. It's been a nightmare and too long to post here. Read my story at on the blog and leave me a comment if this is similar to what you're going through.

Sorry you're going through this. I feel your pain.

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Music like laughter is one of the most effective medicines, even after surgery.