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singing the "EEE's"

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Any advice on development of singing the "E" vowel? When I do, usually it feels really throaty, and seems that my throat closes off the air slightly. The note either sounds a bit wobbly, sounding tight in the end or i run out of breath.


Jersey Jack
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I think we all have difficulty with one or another vowel--I tend to be spot-on with EE but I butcher the AH like nobody's business. :twisted:

Have you recorded yourself? EE is supposed to be a thin, focused sound, and you may sound fine on a recording even if you don't like what you're hearing in your head.

Make sure your sound isn't breathy; project the EE outward, staying on your voice.

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particulary on hightnotes, sometimes i think you just cant sing an E as high as you can an O because your throat is shaped differently for the different sounds. a fair few songs have singers singing sounds a bit oddly and i think that that is to help them reach the note on (whats almost) the needed vowel. for example a lot of songs that have a high E like 'meee' end up sounding like 'maaay' to stop the voice distorting, i dont know what you can do to help it really :S

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The E vowel is a tricky one. I am not sure how to really explain this one but if you come from the approach of singing 'eh' that will help.

This video was released awhile back and it just might help you:

Singing Lessons - Brett Manning's Singing Success
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this is an old thread, but I'm glad I'm not the only one who has trouble hitting notes consistently across all vowel sounds. I'm sure there are some vowels where I just can't pitch as well as on others. gotta work on it, but feeling reassured I'm not alone in this, lol.

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I bringing back the dead with this post but I'm just killing time on the internet so I get to do what I want!

I also have run into trouble singing EEE. What I did was practice the note with a vowel that is more comfortable for me and then try to match the feeling I have in my voice when I go back to EEE. I will start singing the note with the comfortable vowel and then while singing go to EEE while trying to be very conscious of what is trying to change in my voice. -Cincinnati CEA Award winners for best original RnB/Funk band! (Bragging is in the user manual and encouraged)(Hi Mom)

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I've got a one word answer to this problem and many of the other singing problems people post about here. Solfege!

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